Upcoming Free Live Programs

Thank you for being a part of our community. Hopefully you know you can join us everyday at morning and evening satsang through our Free Live Satsang program. In addition we hope you will join us at these special free events. We look forward to sharing these teachings with you while you are in the comfort of your own home, and wherever you are in the world.


Free Webinar on Sound Healing, Yoga, and Science with John Beaulieu

Sound is a fundamental part of all yoga practices. In this program Dr. John Beaulieu, a recognized world leader in the practice of sound healing and the use of tuning forks, will explore a modern understanding of sound and vibration as it relates to ancient understandings of health, wellness, and enlightenment.

Free Info Session


Saivism and the Significance of Mahasivaratri with Menas Kafatos

Combining the studies of Saivism, we will examine the meaning of Maha Sivaratri and prepare for this most auspicious night of Lord Siva, one of the most sacred nights on the yogic calendar.

Begins March 7, 2021


Maha Sivaratri Celebration

Join us in celebration of Maha Sivaratri, the night of Lord Siva, one of the most sacred nights on the yogic calendar!

Begins March 11, 2021

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