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Live Satsang:
Experience the Joy of Satsang from Home

DAILY, 6:00am and 8:00pm EDT
*some mornings there is no live satsang while we take a silent walk on the beach

When you register to join us for daily morning and evening satsang you will be given a link to access satsang by Zoom. Use this link to join us each morning and evening for inspirational teachings from ashram teachers and guest presenters. 

Registration is by donation and no fee is required to participate. When you register you will be given a login and password to our new online site and will find the Live Satsang program in your My Courses section.

As of January 2022 we are no longer posting recordings of live satsang. Since we have reopened the amount of work at the ashram has increased and placing the links is no longer possible. We do encourage you to join us live. 

Please keep an eye on our online program calendar for upcoming events with your favorite presenters, and join us in-person on Paradise Island when you are able. Om Namah Sivaya!

Morning Satsang Schedule

6-6:30am: Silent Meditation

6:30-6:45am: Daily Chant

6:45-7:20am: Teaching

7:20am: Closing Prayers and Araati

Evening Satsang Schedule

8-8:30pm: Silent Meditation

8:30-8:45pm: Daily Chant

8:45-9:30pm: Teaching

9:30pm: Guru puja, closing Prayers and Araati

Requirements and Recommendations:

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