Learn the Five Points of Yoga

“Health is wealth, peace of mind is happiness, yoga shows the way.”  -Swami Vishnudevanda

Who is This for?

Swami Vishnudevananda taught the five points of yoga as the remedy to every illness. Depression, addiction, physical challenges, and more can be solved by practicing the five points together. The five points are:
  • Proper Exercise
  • Proper Breathing
  • Relaxation
  • Healthy Eating
  • Meditation & Positive Thinking

What is Included in the package?

This is a bundle of six courses that cover the five points of yoga as taught by Swami Vishnudevananda. In more than 40 hours of content you will learn the basic Sivananda asana and pranayama sequence, how to create sacred space in your home, how to shift towards a yogic diet, and learn the practices of positive thinking and meditation. These are the core teachings of Sivananda yoga and now you can have access to them forever in your home.  You can take these courses in any order though we suggest to start with creating your sacred space and then take either Essentials of Yoga I or Essentials of Meditation to begin.

$69 value

Creating Sacred Space for Your Spiritual Practice with Sivakami Chaitanya

$59 value

The Yogic Diet: The Art of Healthy Eating with Pranava Chaitanya


Essentials of Yoga I: Create a Daily Home Practice with Iswara Chaitanya

$69 value

Essentials of Yoga II: Deepen Your Practice with Iswara Chaitanya

$59 value

Essentials of Positive Thinking with Pranava Chaitanya

$59 value

Essentials of Meditation with Pranava Chaitanya

What Our Graduates are Saying...

Bonus included with Your Package

When you sign up for this package you will also be sent a digital copy of our Online Course Companion. With this you will be able to learn how to chant the opening and closing mantras to each class in Sanskrit. The meaning of the prayers are also included in English. 

These are powerful mantras that will remove obstacles to learning, bring the blessings of the deities, connect you to the lineage, and ground your spiritual practice.

our teaching team

Pranva Chaitanya

Pranava Chaitanya is an advanced Sivananda Yoga teacher. He is one of the most popular and beloved teachers of our Sivananda Essentials Courses. Pranava Chaitanya is also a member of the Hatha Yoga team of our Yoga Teacher Training Courses and an expert on yogic and Ayurvedic nutrition and diet.

Sivakami Chaitanya

Sivakami Chaitanya is a Sivananda Yoga teacher and a Hatha yoga instructor in the Yoga Teacher Training Courses. She teaches with clarity and a sense of humor. Her experience in bringing the foundations of Sivananda Yoga to students makes her a sought after and beloved teacher. She is also a student of Ayurveda and a gifted cook.

Iswara Chaitanya

Iswara Chaitanya is a Sivananda Yoga teacher and Sanskrit teacher in the Advanced Yoga Teacher Training Courses. He currently serves the ashram as the head of Reception and IT manager, as well as teaching many Sivananda Essentials courses and Hatha yoga classes.

The Five Points of Yoga Package

$ 299
  • 6 Foundational Courses
  • Lifetime Access
  • $384 purchased separately

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much time do I need to take a course? The courses in this package generally take about 6 – 7.5 hours to complete. 

Q: Can I complete the courses at my own pace? Yes. Because the classes are pre-recorded you can watch them when you have time. These teachings fit into your schedule no matter what you have going on right now.

 Q: What devices can I use to take the courses? You can use any computer or mobile device that is connected to the internet with a strong enough connection to stream videos. 

Q: Are there any additional materials for these courses? Yes. Some of the courses will have downloadable course materials you will find in the lessons. It varies between teachers and courses and whether the course is more practical or theoretical.

Q: Will I actually be on my yoga mat for these courses, or are they lecture format? Both. The courses in this package consist of both yoga practice and theory depending on the subject.

Q: What if I have a question for the teacher of one of the courses? You can forward your questions to nassau@sivananda.org and it will be sent to the teacher you have a question for.

Q: What’s your refund policy? We want you to be fully satisfied with your purchase. If you are not happy with it please contact nassau@sivananda.org within 30 days of purchase for a full refund

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