Upcoming Live Programs

Connect & Learn. Our upcoming programs are taught live and are intended to be interactive. Keep in mind that you can begin these programs after the start date and catch up with the recorded programs. We look forward to sharing these teachings with you while you are in the comfort of your own home, and wherever you are in the world.

Online Sivananda Yoga Teacher Training Course

Experience the life-transforming process of immersing yourself into the yogic lifestyle and becoming a yoga teacher. 


Mind: Its Mysteries & Control — Master Your Mind, Master Your Life with Rukmini Chaitanya – June 2022

Discover the practical tools used for thousands of years by sages that you can start using immediately in your daily routine to help you gain mastery over your mind and therefore, mastery over your life.


Patanjali Yoga Sutras: Vibhuti Pada Teachings from the third chapter on Vibhuti or Powers and the Yogic Vision of Reality with Swami Brahmananda- July 2022

Learn timeless teachings from the most important text for the yogis, the Patanjali Yoga Sutras. Swami Brahmananda will offer an in-depth study of the third chapter or Vibhuti Pada on the topic of Vibhutis or Powers and the Yogic vision of reality, through a pure and one-pointed mind. The course includes a summary of the first and second chapters – Samadhi Pada and Sadhana Pada.


Sadhana Challenge – The Art of Inspired Living with Swami Paramananda- July 2022

This Sadhana Challenge will support participants in cultivating a strong daily habit of practicing Asanas, Pranayama, and Meditation. In addition, we will systematically cultivate healthy habits and positive thinking, gratitude, kindness, and joy.


Vedanta: Teachings from the Upanishads on the Essential Freedom of the Self with Swami Brahmananda – July 2022

The oneness of all existence is the message which Vedanta teaches. The Upanishads form the basis of Vedanta. It is the science that raises us above the plane of bondage and suffering and shows the path to freedom. Vedanta reveals the essential nature of the self which is ever free and blissful. The study of Vedanta frees us from all limiting ideas about oneself and the world.


Japa Meditation and Bhakti Immersion: Calm your Mind and Open Your Heart with Rukmini Chaitanya – July 2022

This 12-week course is designed to be highly practical and transformational, drawing from the tools of Bhakti Yoga (the yogic path of devotion). You will especially dive into Japa Meditation (the repetition of the name of the Divine) and explore its many benefits for focus, energy, and joy.


The Heart of the Bhagavad Gita: Unlock the Meaning of Life and the Secret of True Happiness with Rukmini Chaitanya – July 2022

Explore the Bhagavad Gita, a companion that gives us direction, inspiration, and solace. In this course, we will learn how to focus the mind, and dedicate the body and heart to the Divine. Rukmini Chaitanya has been teaching the Bhagavad Gita online certification course for the benefit of all spiritual seekers searching for meaning, purpose, solace, and the answers to life’s deepest questions. The teachings and practices are meant for new and experienced students alike.


Who Am I? The Practice of Vedantic Inquiry with Rukmini Chaitanya – July 2022

How deeply do you know yourself? Do you feel called to dig deeper? In this course we will explore two important techniques of Jnana Yoga Meditation. Each method helps the practitioner remove wrong identifications so as to claim their true identity.


Advanced Asana Challenge with Swami Paramananda – August 2022

In this 12-week Advanced Asana Challenge, Swami Paramananda will support you to develop a daily practice of Asanas and guide you on how to take your practice to a higher level.


Ethical Teachings: Practical Guide to Living a Good Life with Rukmini Chaitanya – August 2022

Join this 10 week course with Rukmini Chaitanya to explore the conduct of right life and to discuss and receive the answers to such soul-stirring questions as What is ethics? and Who is Good and Virtuous? Discover the benefits of living a life aligned with your moral obligations and sentiments.


Self-Surrender and Self-Knowledge Cultivating Equanimity and Non-Attachment with Swami Brahmananda – August 2022

Learn tools to cultivate mental equanimity and inner strength based on the teachings of Yoga and Vedanta as taught in the Bhagavad Gita.

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