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Free Webinar: Sound Healing, Yoga, and Science

John Beaulieu

Join us for a recorded 1 hour webinar on sound healing. Sound is a fundamental part of all yoga practices. In this program Dr. John Beaulieu, a recognized world leader in the practice of sound healing and the use of tuning forks, will explore a modern understanding of sound and vibration as it relates to ancient understandings of health, wellness, and enlightenment. 

Students will learn how to use tuning forks as modern sound healing tools that integrate with and enhance the practice of yoga. Special emphasis will be given to the scientific understanding of vibration related to neural coherence, yoga postures, rhythmic breathing, and chanting OM. Students will deepen their confidence in the importance of sound practices as an integral part of yoga practice.  

This free webinar is an introduction to the Sound Healing, Yoga, and Science online course that begins on March 15th, please visit the program page for more information. 

Requirements and Recommendations:

John Beaulieu:

John Beaulieu, ND, PhD, is a naturopathic doctor, counseling psychologist, board-certified polarity therapist, composer, pianist, and sound therapist. His career spans over 40 years of creative arts, healing arts, and martial arts. A world leader in the use of integrative energy medicine for healing, Dr. Beaulieu is the author of four books including Human Tuning, and Music and Sound in the Healing Arts. He is an instructor of sound science and sound therapy at the California Institute of Integral Studies.

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