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August 4, 2021

Free Webinar: Yoga for All, Anywhere, Anytime - Experiential Chair Yoga Workshop

 Krishna Chaitanya

FREE WEBINAR, Wednesday, 6:30-8:00pm ET

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Krishna Chaitanya - Free Webinar Signup - 2021-08-4

Do you want to learn more about yoga therapy and the mobility of the body?

Do you want to learn simple, yet effective techniques to use in the healing process during recovery from injuries?

Do you want to gain powerful tools to help seniors and anyone who may have limited mobility?

Do you want to learn techniques that can calm the mind, relax the body and invigorate the spirit, in a short amount of time, all while sitting on a chair?

Join this free webinar with senior teacher and trained physical therapist, Krishna Chaitanya, and explore the possibilities with chair yoga.

If you are new to yoga, this webinar will provide a glimpse into why yoga has become recognized as one of the world’s most effective tools to maintain a healthy immune system, relieve stress, heal the body, improve sleep, focus awareness and support relaxation – For Anyone!

If you are an experienced yoga teacher, this webinar will help you to take your practice and teaching to a deeper level of understanding. It also may inspire you and renew your enthusiasm for teaching. So many people really need adaptive yoga! Taking this course will enable you to help them.

Discover how the practice of chair yoga is both rehabilitative and an effective tool for everyday practice.

You will get to experience chair yoga in this webinar and will leave with an initial understanding of the use of a chair for adaptive yoga and the populations that can be served with this knowledge.

This webinar is also an introduction to a New upcoming course on Chair Yoga Teacher Training with lead instructor, Krishna Chaitanya and assisted by Kumari.

If you’ve ever wanted to explore how to deliver online instruction to a wide range of people, this course may be perfect for you.

Sign up for the free webinar to learn more.

Requirements and Recommendations:

Krishna Chaitanya

Krishna Chaitanya is a practicing Yogi for over 30 years, a physical therapist, senior staff member of the Sivananda Ashram Yoga Retreat, and senior instructor of Hatha Yoga and Anatomy and physiology in the Sivananda Teacher Training Courses, Advanced Teacher Training Courses, Adaptive Yoga, Chair Yoga and other courses.He has taught for more than 25 years and specializes in adapting the practice of yoga to all.

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