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Free Webinar: Vedanta: Teachings from the Upanishads on the Essential Freedom of the Self – Learn wisdom practices for developing clarity of vision and equanimity amidst life’s challenges with Swami Brahmananda

Join this free webinar with Swami Brahmananda to learn the methods for attaining knowledge of the ever-free Self, our own true nature, and how to overcome wrong cravings and erroneous misconceptions about yourself and the world.

August 5, 2021


Chair Yoga Teacher Training Course with Krishna Chaitanya, Padmavati, and Kumari- August 2021

In this course, you will learn how to make yoga accessible to seniors, persons with disabilities or limited mobility.

Begins August 13, 2021


Vedanta: Teachings from the Upanishads on the Essential Freedom of the Self with Swami Brahmananda- August 2021

The oneness of all existence is the message which Vedanta teaches. The Upanishads form the basis of Vedanta. It is the science that raises us above the plane of bondage and suffering and shows the path to freedom. Vedanta reveals the essential nature of the self which is ever free and blissful. The study of Vedanta frees us from all limiting ideas about oneself and the world.

Begins August 12, 2021


Free Webinar: Yoga for All, Anywhere, Anytime – Experiential Chair Yoga Workshop With Krishna Chaitanya

In this webinar you will get to experience chair yoga and will leave with an initial understanding of the use of a chair for adaptive yoga and the populations that can be served with this knowledge.

August 4, 2021


FREE: Sravaṇam, Mananam, and Nididhyasanam with Swamini Svatmavidyananda

This is a famous dialogue from the Brhadaranyaka Upanishad. The sage Yajnavalkya teaches his wife Maitreyi the truth of the self as limitlessly whole and free. He also talks about the method for assimilating self-knowledge and for getting rid of doubts and habitual orientations.

Begins September 24, 2021


FREE: Madhu-Vidya from the Brhadaranyaka Upanishad with Swamini Svatmavidyananda

Madhu-Vidya is a wonderful dialogue between the sage Daddhyaṅ and the Ashvini twins. In it, the entire world is revealed to be as sweet as honey, for the one who knows the truth about the self.

Begins July 25, 2021


Asana Challenge with Swami Paramananda – August 2021

In this 6-week Asana Challenge, Swami Paramananda will support you to develop a daily practice of Asanas and guide you on how to take your practice to a higher level.

Begins August 29, 2021


Sadhana Challenge with Swami Paramananda- July 2021

This Sadhana Challenge will support participants in cultivating a strong daily habit of practicing Asanas, Pranayama, and Meditation. In addition, we will systematically cultivate healthy habits and positive thinking, gratitude, kindness, and joy.

Begins July 31, 2021


ThetaHealing Advanced DNA Training with Narayan Jyoti & Shambhavi – August 2021

Expand on everything you learned in the ThetaHealing Basic DNA course, elevate your consciousness, and come into an even deeper understanding and experience of unconditional love, the energy of “all that is.”

Begins August 21, 2021


ThetaHealing® Basic DNA (Level 1) with Narayan Jyoti & Shambhavi

Created by Vianna Stibal, ThetaHealing® is a groundbreaking technique that facilitates and strengthens powerful emotional, physical, and spiritual healing by changing limiting patterns of belief into a pure creation of what you truly and authentically want.

Begins August 14, 2021


How to be healthy and vital at 100 with Dr John Doulliard

The time-tested Ayurvedic practices in this course will help you shift physical and emotional patterns that lead to weak digestion, shallow breathing, poor sleep, chronic pain, and degenerative disease—all obstacles to graceful aging

September 22, 2021

FREE WEBINAR: Anti-Aging and Longevity in Ayurvedic Medicine with Dr. John Douillard

Conscious Longevity will help you find balance, and connect you to the youthful energy and benefits of joy, contentment, and the power of your own spirituality—tapping into the ability to be love rather than just need love.

September 1, 2021


FREE: Yoga, Vedanta and Spiritual Life Special July Q&A with Swami Swaroopananda

Swami Swaroopananda answers aspirants’ questions, clears troubled minds, and inspires listeners to advance on the spiritual path.

July 31, 2021

Mind-Body Skills Group for Health and Healing with Jessica Singh, MD

During this mind-body skills group, participants will learn strategies of self-care, which is the heart of health care, and techniques to enhance well-being and resilience.

Begins September 8, 2021

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