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February 14,  – May 1, 2024

Self-Surrender and Self-Knowledge Cultivating Equanimity and Non-Attachment

Swami Brahmananda

12 WEEKLY SESSIONS, Wednesdays, 6:00-7:45pm ET

Course Description:

Join this 12-week course with Swami Brahmananda to learn what makes our spiritual life fulfilling and fully integrated with our everyday activities. Throughout this course you will learn how to overcome emotional disturbances and attachments and gain tools to cultivate mental equanimity and inner strength based on the teachings of Yoga and Vedanta as taught in the Bhagavad Gita. The teachings and practices are meant for new and experienced students alike.

The Bhagavad Gita is acclaimed as the teaching that guides us how to put in practice and apply directly in our life the sublime teachings of Yoga and Vedanta. Throughout the Bhagavad Gita the attitude of surrendering oneself to the Divine and accepting life’s dualities and challenges as God’s grace is given as a means for attaining peace and equanimity. When the mind is thus purified from binding attachments and emotions one can attain Self-knowledge and abide in one’s true nature as the all-pervading, limitless Self.

What You'll Learn:

The course is an in-depth study of the eighteenth chapter and verses 18 – 49, containing some of the most important, most illuminating, and inspiring portions of the teachings. 

Some of the topics included are:

"When Swami Brahmananda teaches, he frequently uses inspiring stories, anecdotes and brilliant analogies which make the teachings easier to understand, to remember, and then to apply in daily life. A magnificent and powerful creative force emanates from him. Throughout this course, you will get an understanding on how the mind works and you will gain significant tools to gradually master it to ultimately Self-surrender to God."
- Mélissa.
"Highly recommend this course to students of Yoga - very clear transmission designed to uplift the individual as well as society. Highest teaching in practical clear terms for All."
- Narayani L.
"Swamiji Brahmananda is a thoughtful and kind teacher. My journey in this life has new meaning. I have a clearer vision of the Self and I am definitely more peaceful. My spiritual awakening has begun with the right knowledge and conscious sadhana. Thank you Swamiji for your guidance and patience."
- Alpana.

Additional Information:

Offered as 12 weekly sessions on Wednesdays, February 14, 21, 28, March 6, 13, 20, 27, April 3, 10, 17, 24, & May 1, 2024 from 6:00-7:45pm ET

This program is offered live through Zoom webinar with the availability for students to interact through Q&A with the presenter.

For enrolled students, a video recording will be available after each class in the event you miss a class or would like to review the content.

It is possible to register and take the course at any time. You can catch up on any classes you miss with the recordings.

Requirements and Recommendations:

Course Includes:

Swami Brahmananda is a monk and senior teacher of the Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centers and is the current Manager of the Sivananda Ashram Yoga Retreat in the Bahamas. Swami Brahmananda joined the Sivananda organization in 1999 and was initiated into Sannyasa (monasticism) in 2006.

A long-time practitioner of yoga, meditation and philosophical studies, he regularly teaches meditation and yoga philosophy for the Sivananda Yoga Teachers’ Training Courses as well as the Advanced Yoga Teachers’ Training Courses. He also teaches online courses on the Patanjali Yoga Sutras and Vedanta. Swami Brahmananda is a much-loved, inspiring, and knowledgeable teacher.

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