Patanjali Yoga Sutras: Practical Guide Karma, Evolution & Transcendence – April 2024

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April 2 – June 18, 2024

Patanjali Yoga Sutras: Practical Guide Karma, Evolution & Transcendence

Swami Brahmananda

12 WEEKLY SESSIONS, Tuesdays, 6:00-7:45pm ET 

Course Description:

Learn timeless teachings and valuable practices from the most important text for the yogis, the Patanjali Yoga Sutras. Swami Brahmananda will offer an in-depth study on the process of Karma and how the practices of meditation help us to evolve from being bound by experiences to gaining wisdom and freedom.

Join this inspiring course and learn about the foundations of Yoga philosophy and practice. The course focuses on deep study about the process of the evolution of the mind, the true purpose of life, and how Yoga facilitates the attainment of the ultimate goal of human existence. Learn teachings that will give you a new, broad and uplifting vision of your life and what you can achieve.

Raja Yoga, the royal path of mind control, is the most comprehensive and scientific approach to God-Realization. The precepts and doctrines of this ancient science were first compiled and explained by Patanjali Maharishi, the greatest psychologist of all time. Never has the human mind been so completely analyzed. Never has the process of eliminating human suffering been so succinctly presented. The methods of Raja Yoga are profound and timeless. They are the most useful techniques available to modern man beset by the tremendous stresses and strains of our competitive society.

This course is meant for new as well as experienced students and Yoga practitioners

What You’ll Learn:

  • The three types of Karmas: Satchita (accumulated), Prarabdha (present life) and Agami (fresh karma) and their origination from the five Kleshas or afflictions of ignorance of the true nature of the Self, egoism, attractions and aversions and the fear of death.
  • Yogic teachings and practices for overcoming the bondage of karma. 
  • The evolution of the individual through the stages of experience – Samsaric experiences, Sadhana and Yogic knowledge and the attainment of transcendence through discerning between consciousness and the mind.
  • The very existence of the seen is for the Seer – the sole purpose of creation is to provide experience for growth and Self-Realization of the individual. 
  • Learn what makes our meditation practice effective and successful.
  • You will learn tools to strengthen your mental clarity, concentration and meditation based on the most important Yogic scripture – the Patanjali Yoga Sutras.
  • Meditation with the mantra OM – Patanjali Maharishi explains that meditation on OM with meaning removes the obstacles to Samadhi and develops enlightened introspection. We will be devoting time to meditate with the mantra OM
  • Yoga Psychology – the Patanjali Yoga Sutras is the most complete teaching on Yoga psychology.
  • The five Kleshas – the five roots of human suffering, viz. avidya – ignorance, asmita – egoism, raga – attraction, dvesha – aversion, abhinivesha – fear of death, their definitions and the means of alleviating them.
"For those seeking authentic truth from a joyful and inspiring teacher, here it is ..."
- Narayani L.
"I received a wonderful, clear and in depth understanding into Patanjali's Yoga Sutras. Swami Brahmananda is an excellent teacher, he's engaging and easy to follow."
- Daya.
"Swami Brahmananda is an excellent teacher with a great breadth and depth of knowledge. The course provides great insight to Patanjali Sutras and how to incorporate the practice on a daily basis. Would really recommend these courses."
- Melissa R.

Additional Information:

Offered as 12 weekly sessions on Tuesdays, April 2, 9, 16, 23, 30 May 7, 14, 21, 28 June 4, 11, & 18 from 6:00-7:45pm ET.

This program is offered live through Zoom webinar with the availability for students to interact through Q&A with the presenter.

For enrolled students, a video recording will be available after each class in the event you miss a class or would like to review the content.

It is possible to register and take the course at any time. You can catch up on any classes you miss with the recordings.

Requirements and Recommendations:

Course Includes:


Swami Brahmananda

Swami Brahmananda is a monk and senior teacher of the Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centers and is the current Manager of the Sivananda Ashram Yoga Retreat in the Bahamas. Swami Brahmananda joined the Sivananda organization in 1999 and was initiated into Sannyasa (monasticism) in 2006.

A long-time practitioner of yoga, meditation and philosophical studies, he regularly teaches meditation and yoga philosophy for the Sivananda Yoga Teachers’ Training Courses as well as the Advanced Yoga Teachers’ Training Courses. He also teaches online courses on the Patanjali Yoga Sutras and Vedanta. Swami Brahmananda is a much-loved, inspiring, and knowledgeable teacher.

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